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I am back with another post. This weekend was special cause I attended BANGALORE FASHION WEEK 2018. This was my very first Fashion show, I was so lucky and grateful to receive the invitation.
Now those of you who don’t know what it is, Let me explain you a little about BFW. BFW is a premier event in India, the name of the Event comes from the city where it’s happenning and it’s a Global Fashion Event with it’s 18th Edition happened this week at the Hotel Oterra Electronic City.
To know more about BFW and info on the future shows click on the link below.
Now the question is how to get access to such Premier events, I got to know about it by one of my Blogger Friend she has attended the previous editions of shows and knew how to apply and get your name to the invite list or guest list. For invitations and the passes you have to register yourself in the BFW website. I’m not sure what’s the selection criteria but you can always give a try and wait for your luck to hit you back with a beautiful surprise. πŸ™‚
So the event was a 2 day event scheduled for 4th and 5th august. The invitation passes were valid for both the days and a single invitation can admit 2 to all the shows. The whole event was scheduled from 2 PM to 9 PM with 4 of the top class designers showcasing their beautiful designs on top class models. The whole event was themed around Indo-Western and also some collection of sweater and pullovers.
The Opening event was supposed to start at 3 PM but got delayed and started at 4PM, the designer for that hour were Deepshikha & Nindhi Chaudhary and the theme was Kandei clubbed with the theme Karigari By Jagdish Bajantri. I liked the Indo-Western theme of Deepshikha and Nindhi’s collection you can watch them at the BFW official website, I don’t have much of the Photos from the stage as the Event Host had made an announcement that viewers are not allowed to take photos and videos unless you are from the media panel.
As being a Fashion Blogger I am always excited to know what’s new and trendy in the fashion Industry and was very excited for the show.
I was very confused over the selection of clothes for the event and finally I came up with this outfit, I wore this Black mens Blazer with white T-shirt and black Jeans. I kept it simple coz it was my very first event and i didn’t wanted to look very bold, here are some of my snaps from the event shot from my One Plus 5. πŸ™‚



Β Β Β Β 











That was all about my experience at Wear.Style Bangalore Fashion Week 19th Edition.


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  1. Looking fabulous on your first fashion event exp

    Hope to see you with some more exciting posts i
    n near future πŸ™‚

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