A small Road trip again to GEORGE EVEREST.

                                            “Let’s go to George Everest”, my brother said the other day.

Hello All,

Happy Holi to all!!! I know I am late to wish but what to do I was busy at home as I was on vacation for one week (Yay!!!) and spending my vacation at my home town DEHARDUN. So there is small place called George Everest which is 35 km from my home. And my brother and my elder sister decided to go to this beautiful place. Since the place was too cold so have to wear some warm clothes.  So I wore this long overcoat from MAX, a Jeans from xpose and a woolen t-shirt from Smith’s collection and pair of shoes with some good grips because there is going to be lot of trekking.



We started around 12 P.M and took 2 hrs. To reach there. Well this place is known for the Great Trigonometric Survey of INDIA. So the history of this goes like this “Colonel Sir George Everest (/ˈiːvrᵻst/; 4 July 1790 — 1 December 1866) was a Welsh surveyor and geographer, and the Surveyor General of India from 1830 through 1843.

Everest was largely responsible for completing the section of the Great Trigonometric Survey of India along the meridian arc from southern India extending north to Nepal, a distance of about 2,400 kilometers (1,500 mi). This survey was started by William Lambtonin 1806 and it lasted for several decades.

In 1865, Mount Everest was named in his honour in the English language, despite his objections, by the Royal Geographical Society. This enormous peak was surveyed by Radhanath Sikdar and named by Everest’s successor, Andrew Scott Waugh, in his role as the Surveyor-General of India.

Everest owned a house in MussoorieUttarakhandIndia, for about 11 years. He purchased it, sight unseen, from General Whish. Although now virtually derelict, it still has its roof, and there have been various plans to make it into a museum.

Built in 1832, the house is known today as Sir George Everest’s House and Laboratory, or Park House. The house is situated in Park Estate about 6 kilometers (4 mi) west of Gandhi Chowk / Library Bazaar, (the west end of Mall Road in Mussoorie). Its location has panoramic views of the Doon Valley on one side and the Aglar River valley and the Himalayan Range to the north..

The house is under the jurisdiction of the Tourism Department. These underground water cisterns (or perhaps pits for storing ice, although water is scarce in the area) are quite deep and lie uncovered in the front yard outside the house, filled with litter and posing danger of slipping.

The interior has been stripped but the fireplaces, roof, and the door and window frames still remain. The house is secured by steel grills and cannot be entered. Now that this property is better known and the access road has been improved, the walls are covered with graffiti and then periodically whitewashed clean.

Recent new fencing, tree planting and the construction of a ticket booth (as of late 2015) indicate that at some point it will cost to enter the property. The inside has signs of renovation several years ago, such as ceramic floor tiles in the kitchen and electrical switch boxes. Conservation architects at the Indian National Trust are vying for this project.

Lot of history!!!!!! It is all from Wikipedia for all those people who are lazy to Google.


So this is the month of March and logically it should be summer started but I don’t know what is happening, it was freezing cold there, the temperature was about 9 degree Celsius. Oh god!!! It was damn cold there at least for me because when I was leaving Bangalore for Dehradun it was too hot there THE SUMMER had already arrived in Bangalore.

After reaching to the spot we started from the George house like mentioned in above paragraph and saw some places and some military camps as well we were taking the photo of the camp but one guy from the CAMP didn’t allow to click one somehow we managed to click some. Then I decided to go back but my brother insist to go to the Everest that is the top most area of that place. So I was not in mood to go because of cold weather but my brother asked us to start and said will go little ahead and then will come back, by doing like this he took us so far and we reached till 80% after trekking that mountain then he said its 20% left lets go and you have come so far you should see this. So we reached at the George Everest and the view was awesome from there the wind was so fast. You can hear those wind sound it was that fast. Words are not enough to describe that feeling. We sat there for some time and regain our breath after trekking and enjoyed the view, the mountain and the wind after some time we came back and it rained, the journey became more beautiful.

It was a good trips, we should go more trips like this with our family it feels good.

That’s all folks will meet you on the next trip.

It feels sad when people destroy historical property by writing rubbish on Wall. 🙁











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