Sunday Spent Well!!!!

Hello All,

So one more sunday gone!!!! Gosh i hate when sunday gets over :(, Well i seriously need Monday as a national holiday. I like sunday till 12:00 P.M but after that when time passes by i really get upset.

Well, this sunday eve, I decided to go to Cubbon park and found out that it is an actually good place to chill.

So i wore this super simple Top and pants, which was really comfortable with pair of slip on. It is so much relaxing to just sit and watch people doing their stuffs like playing with their Kid and dogs, old people taking walk and taking about politics, some group of people dancing, even doing workouts. If you really wanna take a break from this City or office day to day life you should definitely go there and spend some good time.DSC_2105DSC_2127DSC_2131DSC_2160DSC_2199DSC_2174DSC_2203DSC_2180DSC_2117DSC_0006DSC_0005DSC_0024DSC_2130

0 thoughts on “Sunday Spent Well!!!!

  1. I just loved this top, the color is so vibrant and texture looks amazing .
    I wish I were a girl, I would have loved to wear it 🙂
    Kudos to photographer( M.G ) as well !!

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